Mobile Business Applications


We create innovative applications which combine mobile platforms, dynamic web technologies, and back-end enterprise applications into an integrated solution

Networking and communications

For AGP Telecom we developed an integrated voice-over-IP (VoIP) product suite for next-generation telecom services providers.

Products included H.323 gatekeeper, IP-PBX/interactive voice response, voicemail, multi-conference unit, provisioning server, firewall traversal/VPN server, and gateways. We kicked off development of their IP phone products, evaluating chipsets and SDKs from TI, Broadcom, Intel, Radvision and open source projects.

We developed an IP-PBX appliance product for SMEs, with a web GUI to manage all functions, including VoIP, firewall, DHCP, email, and other network services.

Public Transportation

Transit TV operates a US nationwide transit advertising network. We maintained a 5 km vehicle tracking gateway called Lymmo for downtown Orlando using WiFi and LCD based Point of Information (Kiosk) systems and built and installed Point of Information displays at Millbrae Station for the city of San Francisco's bus arrival system. We worked with Orbital to connect their data with our information system using long range WiFi, designed and built testing equipment for GPS receivers and vehicle based computer systems. We coordinated work with Indian and Ukrainian subcontractors to develop custom hardware and software for the vehicle based advertising network.

We initiated and managed a direct purchasing and testing process in Taiwan, saving the company US$3M by working with overseas manufacturers directly. We procured and commissioned US$10M worth of automotive electronics and vehicle based LCD monitors.

Enterprise application integration

We have decades of experience doing application integration, including:

  • Commercial applications
    • Axway/Cyclone EDI, B2Bi, EAI, BAM, system management, and managed file transfer
    • Viewlocity supply chain event management, Extricity B2Bi, BEA Integrator
    • Syntegra messaging and directory products
    • Savvion business process management, Remedy workflow, ARIS business modeling
    • Baltimore Technologies CA and encryption toolkits
    • i2 TradeMatrix supply chain products, EXE warehouse management
    • Clarify CRM
    • Business Objects OLAP, Actuate database report generation
    • Oracle and SAP ERP systems
  • Electronic Data Interchange and integration standards
    EDI (EDIFACT, X12, CargoIMP), ebXML, RosettaNet, IETF EDI-INT
  • Middleware
    Web Services (SOAP, WDSL, XML Schema, XML-RPC, REST), CORBA, J2EE, JMS, Tibco Rv, IBM MQ, AMQP, Tuxedo, COM

Location Based Services

Our RouteComplete platform applies stream-processing techniques from the financial world to vehicle location based services applications such as fleet management and bus route management.

We are currently developing a delivery vehicle dispatch and management system based on the same platform.

Logistics and Supply Chain

For Modern Godown, a 3rd-party logistics and warehouse operator, we designed and implemented a custom warehouse management system supporting the core warehouse and back office operations.

For SAMPOTech, a leading OEM supplier for LCD displays and televisions for customers like Viewsonic, we implemented a supply-chain event management system based on Viewlocity's supply chain event management and EAI products, giving visibility to customer orders, inventory, shipments and work in process. We integrated with their Oracle ERP system and built custom interfaces for the Viewlocity product to support web-based e-procurement functions for Sampotech's suppliers.

For EVA Airlines, we defined next-generation integrated air logistics systems, including web booking system for freight forwarders, streamlined package handing system for shippers, enhanced workflow system connecting CargoIMP EDI with internal workflow processes using BEA WebLogic J2EE and customer's existing Tuxedo applications. As part of the project we also developed a Tuxedo ATMI connector for Axway's EAI platform.

For the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation, we developed a leave management workflow system based on Savvion's business process management platform, with extensive customization in Java to support complex business rules.

For China's Ministry of Railways, we implemented a set of internal and external value-added network services on top of their new country-wide network backbone, including email, HR, store-and-forward fax, certification authority and ISP functions.

For the Taiwan National ID Smart Card Consortium, we designed a public key infrastructure and high-availablity directory services to support registration of 22 million citizens. We also developed applications for the new smart card with Baltimore Technologies' encryption toolkits and consulted on the certification practices statement and business applications.

For Standard Chartered Bank's Global B2B Exchange web-based trade facilitation and supply chain service, we implemented the core information exchange backbone based on Tibco Rv and the EDI interchange system. We wrote an IETF EDI-INT AS1 EDI exchange system using S/MIME which used their Algorithmic Research hardware security module.

For TrustAsia, a global business-to-business payment service based on the Visa payment network, we implemented a client smart-card interface, customer/partner web interface, CA infrastructure, and integrated with their back-end payment interface to Visa.

For, a NASDAQ-listed Internet portal focusing on greater China, we implemented a high-availability replicated user directory based on LDAP, giving hundreds of thousands of users single-sign-on capability across all their web properties. We then integrated the system with their Clarify CRM for customer support.