Mobile Business Applications


We develop custom websites, ranging from simple blogs to full-featured custom e-commerce and social applications


We build custom e-commerce sites for customers with complex product lines requiring multi-dimensional product navigation and product customization. Our custom graphic designs give you full control of your brand image and style.

We integrate with credit card payment gateways and PayPal, as well as back end systems like Amazon Fulfillment and shipping providers. Admins can manage orders, inventory and shipping from within the site.

Examples are:

Social and Community

Surf Said Fred is a website and iPhone application for surfers and beach communities in Australia. It helps surfers determine whether the surf's up with weather and tide information, as well as collaborative surf reports from users. It has extensive location-based search information for local businesses as well as social networking and community features, Facebook and Twitter integration.

Glory Days Basketball is an amateur Basketball league community site with stats like the NBA.


Almost every site we do integrates with Facebook and other social networking platforms. We also build completely integrated Facebook apps like Rhino Chess, a realtime web chess app, SuperThief, a Mafia Wars-style social game, and Gogollama, a social image sharing service.

Real Time Interactive Web

One of our specialties is building highly-interactive web applications which update the user interface in real time.

Bid and Buy is a "penny auction" site where customers bid in real time to win products. We implemented an auction server in Erlang using COMET push technology to limit communication load and allow it to scale to large numbers of users. In addition to the front end, we built an extensive administration system to manage back office logistics and analytics. We also implemented an iPhone client to let users keep up with their auctions from anywhere.

Gulu is a restaurant guide with extensive social features. A user can say that they want to go eat, and the system will notify people in their social network and start a chat to figure out where everyone wants to go. The chat works across web, iPhone and Android clients using COMET push and TCP/IP networking.

They were recently featured on TechCrunch

Operations Management and Collaboration

We have implemented complete back office operations systems for customers such as Modern Godown, a third-party warehouse operator, and Academy, a private language school. Features include payments, invoicing, staff scheduling, workflow, printing, etc.

For Helan, a retail chain of health and beauty products, we wrote an intranet application to help them share their corporate calendar, events, product training documents and other files.

For Vetter, we support and enhance their employee suggestion box and employee feedback service.

We have extensive experience with location based services, logistics/supply chain, financial and communications applications (e.g. VoIP).

Custom Content Managment

We have built numerous custom content management systems, including the one which runs the Howard Hughes Medical Institute website.

We implemented video streaming for artists such as Irene Atman and the PhD Movie movie purchase and streaming site.

Server Operations and Administration

We are very experienced with server operations and administration, including clustering and high availability configurations. We deploy multi-server applications to Amazon EC2, and run our own public VPS hosting service. We manage dozens of virtual and physical machines for customers. We use DevOps tools like Chef and Puppet to automate configuraton management and deployment.