Mobile Business Applications

A virtual private server is like having your own small dedicated server. You get full control, and can install whatever applications you like. You can host an unlimited number of domains, create an unlimited number of databases, or run your own mail server. It is perfect for hosting custom applications in Java, Python or Ruby on Rails which are not supported by standard shared hosting.

  Basic Standard Corporate Corporate Pro
Management Monitoring Monitoring Monitoring Full
Setup Fee None None None None
Monthly Fee NT$ 1299
US$ 45
NT$ 1699
US$ 59
NT$ 3249
US$ 115
NT$ 4199
US$ 145
Disk Space 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB 60 GB
Transfer per Month 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB 40 GB
RAM 512 MB 768 MB 1024 MB 2048 MB
OS Linux Linux Linux Linux
Reverse DNS Y Y Y Y
SSH Access Y Y Y Y
Email Support Y Y Y Y
Phone Support N N Y Y
365 Support N N Y Y
  Standard Corporate Corporate Pro
Setup Fee None None None
Monthly Fee NT$ 3849
US$ 135
NT$ 4799
US$ 165
NT$ 5999
US$ 199
Disk Space 40 GB 60 GB 80 GB
Transfer per Month 40 GB 40 GB 40 GB
RAM 1024 MB 2048 MB 4096 MB
OS Windows Web Server
2008 R2
Windows Web Server
2008 R2
Windows Web Server
2008 R2
Database (optional)
per Month
SQL Server Web 2008 R2
TW$600 / US$20
SQL Server Web 2008 R2
TW$600 / US$20
SQL Server Web 2008 R2
TW$600 / US$20
Reverse DNS Y Y Y
Remote Desktop Y Y Y
Email Support Y Y Y
Phone Support N Y Y
365 Support N N Y

Location and Hardware

Our servers are hosted in a professional commercial data center located in a suburb of Taipei. Our IP addresses are listed in standard GeoIP databases as being in Taiwan. We use KVM virtualization technology, so you can run a VPN on your server. Our VPS hosts typically have single or dual 4-core Intel Xeon CPUs.

Operating System

Your choice of operating system. Most customers currently use Ubuntu 12.04, Debian 6.0 or CentOS 6.x Linux. Other Linux or Windows versions are available upon request.

SSH Access

Secure shell access gives you complete control over your server.

Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS is needed if you are running your own email server. Normal DNS turns a host name like "" into an IP address. Reverse DNS turns an IP address back into a name. Many email servers these days check that the IP address of the sending server matches its name, and block the mail as spam if they don't match.


Please pay via PayPal to or via wire transfer to:

Account NameCogini Hong Kong Limited
Account Number499-509040-838
Bank NameThe Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
Bank Address1 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

Any wire transfer fees or local taxes (e.g. 5% VAT if you are in Taiwan) are your responsibility.

After you have paid, send us an email at and we will set up your server. Or contact us first if you have any questions.


Server Monitoring and Management

With our base management service (NT$1000 / US$30) we take care of the following:

  • Monitor the services on the machine to make sure that everything is running properly
  • Check the server logs, disk space usage, etc.
  • Maintain a database
  • Manage a mail server
  • Make off-site backups and restore the system in case of problems
  • Handle system updates and periodic OS upgrades

Application Configuration

Our expert system administrators set up and manage applications on your server such as web, mail or database. This service costs NT$ 1000/hour (US$ 35), or we can quote a fixed price for specific tasks. We can also manage your other servers, anywhere in the world.


Acceptable Use Policy