Global Talent, Professional Execution

Our global team of top developers has experience building modern SaaS applications, mobile apps and complex IoT systems. We help you scale your business from prototype to product, delivering solutions for demanding customers in health care, financial services, and supply chain. Our 24/7 operations team makes sure your systems are always working as you scale up.

CTO on Demand

Our founder, Jake Morrison, has decades of experience developing solutions for startups and enterprise customers. He works with you to define your product and create a practical development roadmap, avoiding common mistakes. He defines your product's technical architecture, then leads the team to build it. He helps you to close deals with important customers and raise funding. And you don't have to give up 50% of your company to a technical co-founder to get it.

Initial Product Development

Our team of developers, designers, operations techs and project managers gets you to market as quickly as possible while making sure that we are making something that your users will love.


As you get market traction, we enhance your product based on your needs, providing the talent you need, when you need it.

You might be focusing on sales and marketing, with occasional features needed to close a big deal. Or you may need to integrate with customers, e.g. connecting your health app with the systems of a large hospital. We provide flexible “mini-project” support.

As things progress, each month you might need a week of iOS, a week of Android, two weeks of web / backend, and a few days day of ops, project management or graphical design. We provide as much or as little as you need. You don't have to pay for expensive staff who are idle or try to somehow find that “unicorn” developer who can do everything.


Your business is going great, and you have a tiger by the tail. You have raised a round of VC funding and now it's time to show results as quickly as possible. We give you the talent you need immediately, with the skills and experience to scale your system to handle the traffic. We help you hire your own team members while keeping everything moving ahead as you transition.