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Jake Morrison

Presentation on thinking functionally in Elixir 2020

Here are the slides for the presentation on thinking functionally in Elixir I gave to the local Elixir user's group. Read more…

Jake Morrison

Elixir and embedded programming presentation

Here are the slides for the presentation on Elixir and embedded programming I gave to the Elixir LA user's group. It introduces embedded programming and how Elixir is a good match for a new generation of embedded systems. Read more…

Jake Morrison

The impact of network latency, errors, and concurrency on benchmarks

The goal of benchmarking is to understand the performance of our system and how to improve it. When we are making benchmarks, we need to make sure that they match real world usage. In my post on Benchmarking Phoenix on Digital Ocean, changing the concurrent connections and network latency had … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Running special versions of Erlang with ASDF and kerl

Configuring the ASDF version manager and kerl build release candidate and other special versions of Erlang Read more…

Jake Morrison

Avoiding GenServer bottlenecks

GenServers are the standard way to create services in Elixir. They are very useful, but when used incorrectly they can cause unnecessary problems. This is particularly an issue for developers coming from object oriented languages, who attempt to treat GenServers as object instances. Instead we should think in functional terms … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Advantages of Elixir vs Golang

A prospect recently asked me what the advantages are of Elixir over Golang. The simple answer is productivity. You get the best of both worlds: the productivity of a high level language with the scaling power of the mature Erlang platform. Go is a low level language, and performance is … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Incrementally migrating large Rails apps to Phoenix

Here are the slides for the presentation on incrementally migrating large Rails apps to Phoenix I gave at Ruby Elixir Conf Taiwan 2018. Read more…

Jake Morrison

Is Elixir/Phoenix ready for production?

How I evaluated Elixir in 2014 when we were deciding whether it was mature enough Read more…

Jake Morrison

What makes a language popular?

In the recent HackerRank developer survey, we can see "Which languages do employers look for by industry?" and "Which languages are developers planning to learn next?" In terms of popularity, there is a definite swing to JavaScript and Python. In terms of mind share with language enthusiasts, not so much … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Debugging your space probe

Years ago we were building an embedded vehicle tracker for commercial vehicles. The hardware used an ARM7 CPU, GPS and GPRS modem, running uClinux. We ran into a tough bug in the initial application startup process. The program that read from the GPS and sent location updates to the network … Read more…


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