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Jake Morrison

Breaking up the monolith: building, testing, and deploying microservices

I recently worked with a large e-commerce company to "break up the monolith". They have three main applications, a web front end in Elixir/Phoenix, a large Ruby on Rails application used for internal processing, and a large Absinthe GraphQL API that glues the pieces together and integrates with third … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Jobs vs Events

Kafka is popular as a backbone messaging service to connect services. You may be used to using background job processing services like Resque in Ruby or Oban in Elixir, and wonder whether you can replace them with Kafka. In practice, both have their benefits. This post discusses issues that come … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Kubernetes Health Checks for Elixir Apps

Health checks are an important part of making your application reliable and manageable in production. They can also help make development with containers faster. Kubernetes health checks Kubernetes has well-defined semantics for how health checks should behave, distinguishing between "startup", "liveness", and "readiness". Liveness is the core health check. It … Read more…


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