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Jake Morrison

Building and Testing Elixir Containers with GitHub Actions

Here are the slides for the presentation Building and Testing Elixir Containers with GitHub Actions I gave to the Elixir LA user's group. It covers testing and other practical concerns when implementing microservices in Elixir. Here is the example code: phoenix_container_example: CI/CD system based on containerized build … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Breaking up the monolith: building, testing, and deploying microservices

I recently worked with a large e-commerce company to "break up the monolith". They have three main applications, a web front end in Elixir/Phoenix, a large Ruby on Rails application used for internal processing, and a large Absinthe GraphQL API that glues the pieces together and integrates with third … Read more…

Jake Morrison

ABC device support and explicit release criteria

One of the most important decisions we make in product development is when to make a release. From a business perspective, it's better to release early and often, with a "minimum viable product". It's also important to define explicit technical quality criteria, or we will waste a lot of resources … Read more…


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