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Jake Morrison

Building and Testing Elixir Containers with GitHub Actions

Here are the slides for the presentation Building and Testing Elixir Containers with GitHub Actions I gave to the Denver Elixir user's group. It covers testing and other practical concerns when implementing microservices in Elixir. Here is the example code: phoenix_container_example: CI/CD system based on containerized build … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Deploying complex apps to AWS with Terraform, Ansible, and Packer

Recently we helped a client migrate a set of complex Ruby on Rails applications to AWS, deploying across multiple environments and regions. They have a half-dozen SaaS products which they have built over the last decade. They had been running them on a set of shared physical servers, with lots … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Is it time for Lisp in DevOps?

We have been working on a project migrating a big Rails app from physical hardware to AWS, and I have been doing a lot of automation work. It strikes me how we are doing the same thing over and over with different tools: reading variables, templating files and running semi-declarative … Read more…


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