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Jake Morrison

Abuse and cryptocurrency business models

When I design systems, one of my favorite things is looking at "abuse cases" which define how they behave when confronted by bad actors. I am a big fan of cryptocurrencies. They give us an opportunity to design systems which enforce and incentivize behaviors, e.g. removing risk and rewarding … Read more…

Jake Morrison

ABC device support and explicit release criteria

One of the most important decisions we make in product development is when to make a release. From a business perspective, it's better to release early and often, with a "minimum viable product". It's also important to define explicit technical quality criteria, or we will waste a lot of resources … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Anti-pattern: graphical design driven development

Everyone wants to have a beautiful graphical design for their product. The problem comes when graphical design becomes more important than usability and affects the efficiency of the development process. There is an anti-pattern we call "graphical design driven development." The way it goes is that the client starts by … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Development effort of Android vs iOS

We often need to estimate development projects which have both iOS and Android. It's tempting to say that Android will be the same, but what we have found is that Android takes more effort. The rule of thumb in Silicon Valley is that it takes two to three times the … Read more…

Jake Morrison

An example of user personas

When we create products, it's important that they help specific users with their issues, not generic users. It's easy to create a list of features, all of which sound good, but don't provide a compelling solution to a specific problem for a specific user. Without that, people won't buy your … Read more…

Jake Morrison

An example of user stories

User stories are the "Director of Operations" view of the world. They describe step by step how the business works, and what the software needs to do to support it. They should be done after we have defined the user personas, to make sure we are starting from users and … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Presentation on Elixir performance

Here are the slides for the presentation on performance tuning Elixir I gave to the local Elixir user's group. Read more…

Jake Morrison

It's only a minimum viable product if it hurts

One definition of a startup is "a company in search of a repeatable business model." If we have a clear idea of what the customer needs, what they are willing to buy, and have built the product that satisfies them, then we are no longer a startup, we are an … Read more…

Jake Morrison

The Four Stages of Santa Claus for software developers

There is a joke, "The Four Stages of Santa Claus": You believe in Santa Claus You do not believe in Santa Claus You are Santa Claus You look like Santa Claus There is an equivalent for software developers when it comes to requirements documents and specs. In the beginning of … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Presentation on Elixir and embedded programming

Here are the slides for the presentation on Elixir and embedded programming I gave to the Elixir user's group. Read more…


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